Aquaflow Spa Pools

Having our own Aquaflow Spa Pool Brand means that, as with our Swimming Pools we are able to give you a lot more choice.

This is a wonderful option if you cannot find what you want in the ready made spa pool market.


You can have your spa pool designed and built to meet your personal needs and desires.
There is a huge variety of spa pools available and they are able to cater for a large proportion of the public. However, with us in the position of being able to offer our own brand of spa pool, you can get something a little different to what everyone else has. You can express your individuality.
As with anything we put the AQUAFLOW name to, the quality is guaranteed and there are no limits as to what can be achieved –
– Any Size
– Any Shape
– Amount and positioning of seating
– Amount, type and positioning of Jets
– The finish – Plaster, Quartzon, Tile etc
– The surround – fencing, decking, gazebo?

The Benefits of a Spa Pool

Rarely do health and pleasure come together as well as they do when you are talking about spa pools. Spas today are not the luxury item they were once deemed to be. The scientifically proven benefits associated with regular therapeutic spa pool use are beyond dispute.
We did our own survey with over 100 Nelson Spa Pool owners and their families, and the results were amazing. Many people had relief and/or improvement with –
– Back Pain
– Neck … Shoulder Pain
– Joint Pain
– Osteo … Rheumatoid Arthritis
– Insomnia
– Circulation
– Stress
– Type 2 Diabetes

Hydrotherapy is more than an unparalleled method of relieving stress and stress related conditions such as High Blood Pressure, Headaches and Chronic Pain. It benefits every system of the body, including the Skeletal, respiratory, neuromuscular and circulatory systems.

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