Chemicals at Aquaflow

A large part of our Showroom is dedicated to our range of chemicals.

They are all displayed so they are easy to find. When we can we try to buy our chemicals in bulk, and then repack into smaller quantities ourselves. This enables us to keep our prices down.


There is a lot in maintaining pools, whether it be a 1000 litre spa or a 100,000 litre pool, clean and healthy for you, your family and friends.
There is nothing worse than a beautiful pool that is murky, full of algae or that smells bad.
If you are going to submerse your body in it, then it must be inviting. Almost seducing you with its alluring cool, crystal clear beauty. Or if it is a Spa, the warm steam flowing from the surface of the fresh clean water beneath.
At AQUAFLOW we take pride in teaching you the correct way to use the chemicals. To get the potential from the necessary ones, and by doing this you are actually able to use less.
It is your pool and our promise to you is that every time you leave here with a product, you will know what it is, how to administer it and why your pool needs it.

Our spa and pool chemical range

Calcium Hypochlorite -Granules … Tablets
Sodium Hypochlorite – Liquid
Dichloroisocyanurate Acid Salts – Granules … Tablets

Balancing Chemicals
Water Hardener
pH Buffer
pH Increase
pH Decrease

Specialty Chemicals
Calcium Decreaser
Starvers from
Chlorine Remover
Oxygen Shock
Stain Removers
Bromine fr
Hydrochloric Acid / Salt Cell Cleaner
Cartridge Cleaners
Flocculants – Granules … Liquid
Clarifiers – Liquid … Blocks
Plus many more.

For prices please contact us directly or come and see us at 18 McPherson Street, Richmond, Nelson.

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