Colonial Hot Tubs

Aquaflow Spa and Swimming Pools are proud to be the exclusive dealers of these Hot Tubs throughout the top of the South Island.

Establised in 1977, The Colonial Hot Tub Company is the first, original Hot Tub Manufacturer in New Zealand.


These are true genuine Hot Tubs made of Heart Cedar and crafted in the age old tradition of Cooperage (Barrel Making) using galvanised steel or gold electro plated bands to hold the Hot Tubs together. These bands are screwed tight with double ended galvanised bolts, requiring no glue or nails. Any craft persons, wood workers, lovers of genuine timber furnishings, nature and or natural products will appreciate what well made, beautifully designed and crafted Hot Tubs these really are.

Available in 4ft(1300mm). This is the smallest practical size and will seat four people comfortably. It is ideal for inner city apartments or where space is not at a premium.
5ft(1600). This is the most popular size with seating for up to six people. It accounts for 90% of our orders.
6ft(1840mm). This huge tub will seat 8 to 10 people and is perfect for those with a large family and plenty of friends!
Larger Hot Tubs are also available.
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