Debris Covers

Spa and Swimming Pool Covers are well worth the money spent for being able to provide warmer water and therefore a longer more enjoyable swimming season.

They are an obvious companion for Solar or Electric Heating, but just on their own will still provide 2 or 3 degrees more heat. This can make all the difference.
They save money by reducing evaporation, which in turn reduces water and chemical consumption. Cleaning time is also dramatically reduced which is a large bonus!

There are many different types and grades of cover so all budgets are covered.

AQUAFLOW custom make covers here in our workshop. Once again, this gives you a lot more options and choices.

You also have a large range of choices in Roller/ Reel Systems for your covers. We make the Rollers/ Reels here at AQUAFLOW or there is a wide variety of ready made Rollers available.

Covers and Rollers/ Reels can all be hidden away under specially constructed seating or in specially designed “Cover Pits”

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