Filtermaster Pumps and Filters

There are 3 keys that are vital to having beautiful, sparkling, clean, healthy water in your pools.

Number 2 is good SANITISATION.
Number 3 is adequate FILTRATION.


Good Filtration is a crucial to maintain clean, healthy water in any spa or swimming pool. To get this right you must have a filter system that is adequate for the size of your pool.
The two main types of Filters are the Sand Filter and the Cartridge Filter.
The Media (Sand) in the Sand Filter must be kept clean by frequent backwashing and be in good condition. This means it must be changed / renewed every 4 years.
The Cartridges must also be in kept in good condition and cleaned regularly through a process of soaking in appropriate solutions and then thoroughly rinsed.

Obviously your pool will only ever be as clean as your filter. A clogged filter has no chance at all of keeping a pool clean.
The time your filter is running each day is also crucial. This will depend on the time of year. In the summer you need to have your filter running long enough for it to turn the entire volume of your pool over twice per day. In the winter this length of running time is quite considerably reduced. The team at AQUAFLOW can advise the time your filters should be running if you are unsure.

AQUAFLOW SPA & SWIMMING POOLS have a large range of Filters, Filter parts, Filter Media, Cartridges and Cartridge Cleaners available.

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