Spa and Swimming Pools – Fencing

At AQUAFLOW, we have a fencing room on site beside the Showroom.

This enables us to produce our own Aluminium Fencing.

There are 3 designs: The Standard, The Classic and The Spearhead. All custom made with care and crafted to fit into your design. They are powder coated with a large range of colours available and all built to the New Zealand Standard Specifications.

However, you are not limited to this style of fencing. We have professional builders at AQUAFLOW which enables you to have whatever style of fencing you would like. It may be that you want your fence to be part of the design and incorporated into the final look or you would like it to meld into the background so not to detract or interfere from the look of your beautiful pool. Anything you require is able to be achieved.

GLASS VICE – We are happy to advise that we have been approached by The Glass Vice Company and given exclusive dealership. We now stock, sell and install their wonderful glass fencing.

Whatever it may be, Aluminium, Timber, Brick, Stone, Shade Cloth, Brush Stix, Plaster, Concrete, Glass Fencing or Retaining Walls, we have you covered.
Fencing for all situations and budgets.


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