Aquaflow offers a huge range of services.

Anything you can think of pool related WE CAN DO IT…
This includes but is not limited to…

  • designing and installing swimming pools
  • fencing, landscaping and paving around pool area
  • supply and install spa pools and hot tubs
  • maintenance on all pool equipment and gear
  • free in store water testing
  • renovating pools
  • shop and showroom with all the chemicals and equipment needed

Best Service, Best Quality, Best prices.

Aquaflow Pools also provides great scheduled servicing for pools. You can trust us to be there on time and do a top quality job.

Tips for Pool Servicing:
Regular care & servicing keeps your water clean and balanced to make it healthy to swim in, as well keeps your equipment functioning properly. During the summer we recommend fortnightly or monthly servicing depending on how much care you do yourself between servicing. During winter we recommend monthly servicing as well as winterising your pool to allow it to slowly tick by over the colder season to make very low maintenance and reduce costs dramatically.
To maintain a clean, healthy pool you must check your chemicals are balanced correctly. By having these correctly balanced you reduce the likelihood of growing algae and the water will also stay crystal clear with no scent.
Another way of ensuring your pool is healthy is by cleaning it regularly. It is recommended to clean your pool every week, the more you clean it the less chance of growing unwanted bacteria and algae in your pool. You can clean your pool by scrubbing the sides of the pool and vacuuming.
Ensure your pump and filtration gear is working efficiently at least once a month. Without these working your pool will turn green and it can become costly.

Aquaflow offers a stress free, easy service that can be done at your convenience.